What are Supplemented Foods?

Supplemented foods are prepackaged foods that contain one or more supplemental ingredients such as vitamins, mineral nutrients, amino acids, and other ingredients (e.g., caffeine, herbal extracts) added to provide a specific physiological or health effect.

  • Beverages with added mineral nutrients

  • Caffeinated energy drinks

  • Snack bars with added vitamins


Knowledge Exchange & Practicum (2 x Half Day Live Webinars)


Program Overview:

Part 1. Live Knowledge Exchange - October 4, 2022  12:45PM - 3:30PM Eastern Time
We will delve into the following topics:

We will cover these key points:
 Labelling, cautionary statements, supplement food facts.
 Food and Drug Regulations NEW Division 29 Supplemented Foods.
 Health Canadas List of Permitted Supplemental Ingredients.
 Health Canadas List of Permitted Supplemented Foods Categories.
 Health Canadas Directory of Supplemented Foods Facts Table Formats.
 Health Canadas Directory of Food Caution Identifier Specifications.
 List of Foods That Have Received Temporary Marketing Authorization (TMA) Letters.
 Threshold Levels for Cautionary Statements and Other Conditions of Use.
 And more...


 Infant formula.
 Foods for special dietary use.
 Pet foods.
 Natural health products.
 Cannabis products.

Part 2. Live Practicum - October 7, 2022  12:45PM - 3:30PM Eastern Time
The second part of this series, the live Practicum, is a training session that guides attendees on answering the worksheet questions provided with the course. It also explores the content covered in the Knowledge Exchange Webinar in view of label examples and instruction reviewed in the practicum session.


  • Live Webinar (GoToWebinar**)
  • Support Materials
  • Knowledge Exchange Recording
  • Practicum Recording
  • Practicum Questions & Answers
  • Certificate (based on 90% attendance)
  • BONUS: Extra 1/2 hr Q&A at the of the webinar

*12-month subscription (taxes not included)
**We use GotoWebinar to deliver live training. You will receive instructions upon purchase.


Gary Gnirss

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Gary Gnirss, President of Legal Suites Inc and Regulatory Food Expert has been developing and delivering food labelling and compliance training for over 25 years to food professionals internationally. Our regulatory training courses provide intensive technical training on the regulatory requirements for food and beverages in Canada and the U.S. Our courses reflect the most up-to-date information on changes in regulatory guidelines and legislation and allow you to ask questions. Gary will provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools to confidently meet regulatory requirements and achieve compliance. Join Gary Gnirss as he delivers a series of virtual training courses that will help guide you through the regulatory food labelling process.

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