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At Legal Suites® Inc. our passion for food regulatory compliance shows in the quality of our training courses. Learning is your responsibility. Our role is to share our knowledge with learners in an engaging manner that enhances the learning experience and inspires the highest levels of professionalism. We help you become an industry leader. Learning is a continuum. Join us in one or more of our courses and discover that we aim learners not only in successfully completing a training topic but also in success in the post course real world. The Legal Suites® Learning Centre lead by our very own Regulatory Food Expert and President of Legal Suites, Gary Gnirss, is proud offer a host of exceptional courses. We get excited about your success.

  • OPTIONS: We offer live virtual training, learn at your own pace trauining modules as well as customized private training.

  • KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE: Here we share with learners the fundamentals of the subject matter.

  • PRACTICUM: Many of our courses have a Practicum learners complete on their own time and which is reviewed in a separate learning session. A great self-evaluation experience.

  • RESOUCES: Our training courses provide learns additional resources helping to assure their success.

  • SUPPORT: Available for most of our courses, is post course support where learners who just need a bit more guidance to get them comfortably on the learning path.

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