Open Enrolment Courses

Join us for one of our open enrolment live online training events. Many of these courses offer a Live Knowledge Exchange and Practicum. Things are explained and you then get to practice your new knowledge. Of course, this is all then reviewed in a live Practicum session. Follow the link below to our Live Open Enrolment course calendar. Here you will also find the course descriptions and costs. 

Food Suite® Learning Calendar

Courses Offered...

  • US Food Labelling under U.S. FDA
  • Canadian Food Labelling under CFIA
  • Understanding Canadian Food Regulations
  • Canadian Front of Package Nutrition Labelling
  • Canadian Supplemented Food Regulations
  • Canadian Ingredient Labelling
  • Canadian Ingredient & Composition Claims
  • Canadian Nutrition Labelling
  • Canadian Nutrient Content and Health Claims